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We create websites and web applications for entrepreneurs from the SME and social organizations sector. Kielce, Zagnańska 78A – this is where our agency is located. It is a local management center for projects implemented all around Poland. We create solutions that help build trust for the Internet and gain new customers.


Graphic design measured to match expectations... of the user?

A graphic design that is pleasing to the eye is no longer enough. The main goal of the design is to make our customers visible on the web so that their offer is available 24/7. To achieve this goal, we design graphics taking into account user experience (UX).


See how the mock-up stage differs from the graphic design stage:


MakietaProjekt Graficzny

What is User Experience (UX)?

UX is the feelings experienced by the user when using the product/service, in our case – the website. UX design takes into account functional needs in order to make the website more useful. Thanks to UX Design, browsing, and buying with your new website becomes more enjoyable and makes the customers return more eagerly. Thanks to this, you gain trust. Websites are now web showcases of companies. That's why it is important that they are intuitive and adapted to the growing requirements of users.


Responsive websites (RWD) a website for a smartphone?

We create our websites based on the latest technologies.

We care about functionality, using interesting solutions and programming innovations. All websites made by us are responsive. It means that your website looks great and runs smoothly on all types of mobile devices (from smartphones to tablets). Responsive design ensures that owners of mobile devices have constant and comfortable access to your offer.

What do you gain with a responsive website?

- the graphic adapts to any type of screens of mobile devices
- page loading time and individual elements are limited to the minimum
- the user can navigate the website using a friendly navigation system
- your site presents the user with exactly the content you want them to see

Providing access to your offer also on mobile devices, increase traffic on your website. Your offer reaches a wider audience.


Redesign and lifting of the image

This service is addressed to companies with an established market position, whose names are already recognizable and enjoy customer confidence. Refreshing the graphical theme of the website is a marketing solution that emphasizes the further dynamic development of the company, following trends, staying in the mainstream. The refreshed graphic design of your website is a signal of positive changes that will strengthen your position as a business partner in a changing reality.



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To run a website on the Internet, you will need a domain and hosting. 



A domain is an address used on the Internet to locate a website and an e-mail account. 

Thanks to the proper domain, the addresses of your website and mailboxes will be unique and easy to remember. By using a properly selected address, you enable Internet users to reach you, your offer, products, or services.



Hosting is a place on a server dedicated to storing your website and e-mail.

It is thanks to the server that your website is visible to other users of the network. We offer our clients the highest quality hosting accounts and software that takes care of their security.

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