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Online stores

The online stores we offer will work in every industry. The store platforms we use, offer a package of extensive functionalities (including the admin panel, integration with online payment systems, and couriers, advanced product catalog management, product search, shopping cart, the option of adding special offers and discount coupons).

Brand recognition 

Nothing annoys the customer more than a lack of identification coherence. Many online buyers are subconsciously discouraged from buying a given product in a specific online store and choose a competing one. The product remains the same, and yet it is your competition that gains profits! This behavior of buyers may indicate a lack of trust in the brand. We buy goods with our eyes not only in a supermarket! Customers visiting online stores subconsciously pay attention to identification coherence, i.e. a well-chosen website colors, the same shape of buttons, or an intuitive ordering process. The purchases in your online store will be made by consumers, whose trust will be inspired by your offer and who will consider you a reliable contractor.

Searching products

Allow your customers to easily find the product that interests them. Buyers do not want to browse the never-ending list of products that do not suit their interests. If they want this, they can use the "show all" button. Online stores should be simple and convenient to use. Most customers want to be able to choose the category that is of interest to them. A user-friendly search means also an easier way to return to the previously viewed product. Give your customers the time needed to think and make a good choice, without stressing them with pages that keep on loading. 

Ordering process

Properly conducting the customers through the order process also affects whether they ultimately make a purchase. Placing an order requires the ordering person to take an action. The course of this process should be intuitive, but at the same time, online stores should contain elements encouraging the buyer to act (so-called CTA – call to action buttons). The e-store offered by PRIMEO has these features.

Product presentation

Indeed, you cannot touch the product you are interested in through the computer screen. However, as in stationary sales so in the online store: our product should be "nicely packaged". This online packaging of the product is its proper presentation. For the customer, it is important to know the details, such as size, composition, colors of the product, as well as payment terms and shipping method. Such a store, tailor-made for its customers, is offered by PRIMEO.


Features, that make our shops distinct

  • you will receive an individual graphic design
  • responsive version is included in the price
  • clear and functional presentation of the offer
  • an intuitive ordering system
  • responsive administrative panel of the store
  • product covered by the guarantee
  • we will present an offer matching your budget


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To run an online store, you will need a domain and hosting. Read about them here: domains, hosting.

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