What do you gain through maintenance service?

An individual website administrator

Your administrator will be in regular contact with you. Having an assigned account manager, you can place telephone orders by calling one given number and send e-mails to the indicated e-mail address. After a short time you will get to know your website administrator so well that your communication will run quickly and smoothly, almost without words, and you will gain more time for other important matters.

The current and stable website, store and application

According to research, almost 50% of respondents claim that the lack of up to date contact details on the website contributes to the negative opinion about the company! It can also be added that nearly 70% of respondents think that a positive opinion about the company is influenced by whether the website presents up to date content (source: research conducted by eMarketing.pl). And you, how many customers are you missing due to lack of time for taking care of your website?

Quick response time

Each package has a guaranteed time of response to your request.