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Internet marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is a service aimed at a gradual increase of the website's position in the search results in the Internet search engine, which translates to increased traffic on the optimized website. In Poland, we call this service positioning because it is about gaining the right high position of the website in the search results. Website positioning is now a very important element in creating the company's image on the web.

In 2020, 316 235 new companies were created in Poland. Thousands of new products and services are launched every day, and consumers have more and more choices. Many of these companies quickly disappear from the market, simply because their offer hasn't been noticed by a sufficiently large group of consumers. Proper positioning becomes a necessity if you want to interest your target group with your products or services.


SEO – how does it work?

If you enter your company's name or the name of your core product in the search engine – is your website not in the search results or it is located in a very far position? Unfortunately, your far position negatively affects the interest in your offer. Then is the moment when you should consider marketing activities and, above all, become interested in positioning.


Be the first in Google search results!


Selection of relevant key phrases

As part of the submitted query, each customer receives a valuation and a proposal of key phrases adequate to the industry in which they operate. E.g.: in the case of this subpage (the content of which you are reading), the best phrase would be the phrase: positioning Kielce.


Website optimization

We start cooperation with customers who decide to use the PRIMEO offer by conducting an audit of their website. As part of this service, we present an analysis of the current status (including the examination of documents, structure, texts, and other elements of the website). The analysis aims to prepare proposals for changes on the website, the implementation of which will translate into better positioning effects.


Ongoing optimization works and making the website gain popularity

After selecting the appropriate key phrases and implementing the optimization recommendations, we begin works on making the website gain popularity. We monitor the statistics on an ongoing basis and control the positioning of your website. We use only legal and secure methods. Website positioning is a process based on many different factors. We adapt to changes in Google's algorithms and positioning policy.

The minimum period of cooperation within SEO is 3 months. The preferred model of cooperation is a contract specifying a flat-rate remuneration. The cost is determined individually for each customer, taking into account the number of proposed phrases, competitiveness, and industry specificity.

If you do not have a website advertising your products or services, or your website needs to be refreshed, before making a decision on positioning look here and learn more about websites.

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Ads and Facebook ads campaigns

Google Ads – let yourself be discovered by customers when they are actively looking for a service like yours. You set the budget for the promotion and decide for how long you want to be advertised. Fees are charged only when a potential customer clicks on your ad. We also provide other marketing services on the Internet, such as positioning, buzz marketing, or advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Implementation of marketing strategies

The basis for building a brand is to create its image in such a way as to highlight the main advantages by addressing the proper group of recipients with your image and making sure that even a short contact will leave a mark in their memory.

Design + printing

Projects of business cards and company paper

A well-designed logotype should look great not only on the website but also on advertising materials in every format. When building a sales relationship with a potential customer, trust and a sense of security are very important. Consistent visual identification of your company will help you sell your products!

For printed materials, we also provide printing and courier delivery to any place in Poland. You can print with us from 50 to 5,000 publicity materials. Some prints may have a different print run, e.g. leaflets of 10,000 pieces, roll up from 1 item. Ask for the details of the offer by phone. 


Posters, leaflets, banners, and other printed materials

Building brand recognition should start with consistency. Is the visual identity of your company consistent? The success of well-known brands was built on a consistent message concept. The recognizable brand is therefore recognizable precisely because on the Internet, on billboards, shop windows, packaging, leaflets, or promotional gadgets there are elements of a consistent graphic concept that undoubtedly evokes associations with this particular brand.

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